AutoHelp Official Documentation and Privacy Policy

Howdy viewers, in this page entitled AutoHelp Official Documentation and Privacy Policy, you will learn to operate the all new smart Android application AutoHelp that will allow user’s to get help from their concerned person via SMS with sharing the user’s current location. But, remember, standard SMS charges is applicable. If you have activated SMS package then that might be used as a medium of messaging.

Note to Auto Help:

  1. Since, it is based on sending current location via SMS, you may be charged of standard SMS depends on Carrier. If you have activated free SMS service, it might work for free as well.
  2. To use the funtionality of the voice command “PLEASE HELP ME”, you have to be pronounced like the standard English (US or UK) or else the application will not work. So, practice before use. WHY? Because the language package used is OFFLINE. In coming day’s, I will update the improved version of voice recognition.

AutoHelp Privacy Policy:

  1. This Android application asking permission to Send SMS, Recording Audio, Location Access and to use the external storage (SD card) from the user which is the mandatory act to use the features of this application.
  2. The Send SMS and Location Access permission is to send the SMS to the person you’re willing to send along with the user’s current Location.
  3. The Recording Audio permission is used because of the continuous voice recognition in the background during the launching of the application.
  4. The external storage is used to store the log and cache files generated (if any).

Video Demo:

Introduction & Objective:

The main objective of the AutoHelp Android application is to get the desired serious help when needed. This application is smart enough to get you help no matter where you are or in an isolated place. You can call out for help even if you don’t have your mobile in your hand.

How it works?

  1. Enter the person’s number whom you trust and expect to get instant help. (eg. father, mother, brother, sister, unclce, aunt, husband, etc.). Tap on Save button to save that number.
  2. Always, use the Get the number button to double check, whether you provided the correct number.
  3. Tap on Start button. It will start the background continuous voice recognition process.
  4. Say “PLEASE HELP ME” to get the help and SMS sent to the saved number with your current location. Since, it is a background process, you can ask for help when the display of the screen is off, your mobile is in your pocket, lady bag, backpack, in a crowded place, etc.
  5. Once you’re done with it, tap on Stop button to stop the background continuous voice recognition process.
  6. Finally, tap on Stop on the first screen to exit out of the application. It is though highly recommended to kill the app when it’s not in use.

Output Screens:


When you don’t want to use the application at this time? -You’re advised to kill the application because it is a background service as it might (in some cases) will keep the application running resulting in a consumption of more battery even though you exit out of it.

Should I turn on GPS before using this application? -A big YES, you should always turn on GPS. It will still work even when the GPS is off but the location you’re sending in this case is ZERO (Nothing) which is worthless.

Am I sending repetitive SMS in background? -No, unless and until you use the voice command PLEASE HELP ME. However, (no issue found) if you find any flow of repetitive SMS, restart your device immediately or kill the application and report in the comment below or report at or You can also leave a comment on Google Play Store. It is highly recommended to check the application before putting it to the ideal state.

Does it support in all Android Devices? -Might be. Because most of the Android devices are strict enough to allow any background services. In most cases, it works.

I am able to send SMS after I speak PLEASE HELP ME -Well, you have to be more pronounced with the voice command because it is a OFFLINE voice package. Try practicing several times, also check the network connectivity.

Drop queries:

If you have any queries or issues related to the application only, join the comment thread or use our contact form and we will try to revert you as soon as possible.


Well, this is it, you can now predict how this application can help when needed even without touching the phone. The crimes like kidnapping, human trafficking, rape, etc. would be reduced to 40% (estimated). But, without instant act from the receiver or not able to speak the command by the sender and without turning on GPS, the application is of no use. (Practice the command or try yourself to trust it before using in real time).

If you find this application useful, feel free to share to reach more people’s.


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