Big Data as a Career

Howdy viewers, Big Data as a Career has become a Internet legend among the new job seekers, who are looking for a change in career. Big Data is very complicated but seems to be very adaptive. Research say, there is a bright career opportunity in this area from 2018. So, in this very New Year (01-01-2018), I take the opportunity to share about the Career opportunity in Big Data.

What is Big Data?

As, the name Big Data implies, its about dealing with huge data. HUGE, I mean really huge that infact cannot be processed by traditional database. Traditional database are the Oracle database, MySql Database, DB2 Database, etc. Big Data defines more than Peta Bytes (10^15) of data very easily. But, in today’s world, around yottabyte (10^24) is available which is a huge BIG DATA.

Big Data as a Career

Why Big Data?

You and me, living in a Internet world, if you agree and admit that we cannot live without Internet. We love to stay connected via Social Networking sites and Instant Messaging. In short, Internet means Data. Also, we love to shop online, blog, upload videos, etc. If I talk about blogging, many of the people from any background has turned into Blogger as a profession. All of them generates very huge data everyday, every minute and every second.

Where Big Data generates?

  1. World’s top Social Networking sites, ¬†Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google Plus, Pinterest, Instagram, Youtube, etc. generates more than peta bytes of data everyday.
  2. Blogger’s also generate very huge data everyday.
  3. E-commerce sites like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, etc. generates data and is mandatory to trace their customer behaviour.
  4. Telephone company almost dies if their is no big data as they have to act immediately upon any customer bad experience.
  5. Share Market generates huge data because of second to second transaction about the money.

Career opportunity in Big Data:

If you’re looking for a Big Data as a Career and job in Big Data, you’re all set to jump into. Because, it is very new adapted in the IT industry. So, getting a job in Big Data can be quite easy. Research say that from 2018 onwards, many companies will be hiring Big Data Analyst. But, you must have full control of Big Data with Hadoop framework and ecosystem. Confused, Hadoop is a framework and there are various ecosystem available in the market offered by Companies. Jump over to Big Data tutorial to learn and understand how big data can be solved and handled.

Jump over to Why I chose Big Data? to read my experience and thoughts.

Career opportunity of Big Data in India:

If you’re looking for a job in Big Data in India, you can register yourself into online job consultancy portals. The most high demand jobs in Big Data locations are Bangalore, Delhi, Pune, Hyderabad and Chennai. You’re advised to search for job in Bangalore, job in Delhi, job in Pune, job in Hyderabad and job in Chennai at Search Engine, follow the links listed.