Blogging tips: How to identify your niche

Blogging tips: How to identify your niche

In the early 90s, the number of blogs that existed was so few you could count them all in a day with enough time to spare. Now, there are so many blogs on the internet it is practically impossible to count them all. Do a quick search on Google for blogs and you will come across several types of them. There are blogs on science, technology, computing, video games, lifestyle, fashion, travel, hospitality, health, sports and many others. Let’s put it this way, if there is something that people are interested in, there is a 99.9% chance that there is a blog on it, somewhere.

There are lots of new blogs popping up each day and this is because people have seen the power of blogs. Many people have been able to utilize blogs in many different ways to solve problems that they had. Some have used blogs to start a movement or cause, some use it to create awareness and others use it for fun. People have also gained money and fame using nothing but blogs.

So, you also want to start a blog for one reason or another but do not know what to write about. I mean, you know you want to start a blog but you have no idea what area or what niche to cover. It could also be that you are a good writer who has written some good stuff that you know people will read about. There are many reasons why you would want to start a blog but it is important to start right and do it well.

As I said earlier, there are new blogs and bloggers each day but not all of them succeed. There are those who have great content but very few people to engage with. Most people quit blogging after trying for years without any success. If you do not plan well before you start, you might end up wasting your time and giving up eventually.

One of the keys to succeeding as a blogger is to find the right niche. Finding the right niche might well be the difference between success and failure for your blog. How do I find the right niche then? Well, finding the right niche is not so difficult but it is something you should take time to consider. I know a blogger who used more than a month to decide on the niche she was going to be writing on. Fast forward a few years (4 years to be a bit more precise) and she is currently earning a decent income from her blog. Take all the time you need to find your ideal niche but don’t take too long, you might just get cold feet.

With that out of the way, let jump right in.

How to find the right niche

If you want to find the right niche, you need to consider the following:

  • What are you passionate about?

Not again!!” I know that is the reaction of a few people when the read this point. I know this because I have seen and heard it several times from blogs and bloggers. The reason why bloggers keep emphasizing this point is that it is extremely important.

If you find yourself working in an area you don’t like, there is a higher chance of getting stressed out and losing motivation when you fail to see any progress. When you work on something you like and have a genuine interest in, the likelihood of you getting stressed out and losing motivation is very low. When your job feels like a hobby, you end up enjoying what you do.

This is why experienced bloggers give new bloggers this advice. If you are not passionate about the area you are writing on, you are likely to fail. Failure can come in the form of losing your drive for the blog. Your readers can also tell when you are not passionate about a topic and this will be reflected in your writing.

This is why it is always best to choose a niche you are passionate about. Using myself as an example, I am passionate about tech, programming, and video games so writing on these areas is not going to be a big deal for me. Ask me to write on fashion or lifestyle and that will be a problem.

So before you choose the ideal niche put yourself in my shoes and find out which areas you love and which areas you have no feelings for. The area you love might be the best niche to focus on.

  • How profitable is the niche?

Once you are done identifying your passion and areas of interest, the next step would be to find out if that niche is profitable.

Wait a minute, you mean to tell me that being passionate is not enough? Exactly my good friend, it is not enough. If you desire to earn from your blog then knowing your passion is not enough.

If the niche you choose is not profitable, then it will be difficult for you to earn any income from your blog. If the niche is profitable then there is a good chance that given enough time, you will eventually start earning from the blog.

How do you know if a niche is profitable? Well, this will lead me into my next point.

  • Is that an area people are interested in?

If there are a huge number of people interested in a particular niche, then it is possible to earn from it. Areas that peak the attention and interest of people have a higher potential to earn you money in the short, medium and long-term. Conversely, areas with low interest from people may not earn you as much if not at all.

If your intention is not to make money, then blogging for a niche with few people is fine.

A typical example of a niche people are interested in is the making money online niche. Another niche with a huge following is on Blogging. These areas are quite profitable, that is why a lot of people are blogging about them.

  • How much knowledge do you have on the niche?

Once you identify your passion, settle on the profitability and the number of interested people in that niche, you are almost ready to begin. Almost ready because you need to assess the knowledge you have on that niche. If the knowledge is big enough, then you are around 90% ready, if not, then you are 50%.

If you are passionate about an area but have little knowledge of that area then you need to start learning. It would be wise to read as much as you can on key topics in that niche to broaden your scope. It would also help to look at topics that are important but people tend to overlook.

In essence, you need to do a lot of research about the niche and find as many topics as possible to write on.

No matter how much knowledge you have, it is never going to be enough so you need to keep on learning and acquiring more knowledge. This can help you really succeed in that niche and go a long way to boosting your reputation in that industry.

Industry Expert” sounds cool right? It does, so you need to work hard for it.

  • Can you solve a unique problem in that niche?

There are hidden problems all around us and if you can find a problem in your niche that needs solving, all the better. People like problem solvers, so being a problem solver will help your blog grow its follower base.

Identifying your niche is essential in how successful your blog will be. With a good niche that you are passionate about, your dream of self-sufficiency will be fulfilled in no time. It might take time before your blog gains any traction but when it does you will be grateful. You need to work very hard to get your blog to that optimum level. If you are not sure about how to promote your blog, you could always find some of the best job posting sites and post an ad for a digital marketer. They can help you promote your blog and build your brand. If you are not ready to work hard on the blog, then don’t even consider starting it.

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