Why Choose Reliance Jio? -Facts about JIO

Why Choose Reliance Jio? -Facts about JIO

Howdy viewers, “Why Choose Reliance Jio?” is the trending topic in India and this article will help you to understand the facts about the Company. Reliance Jio, 99% of the Indians are aware of as a startup Company founded and owned by Mr. Mukesh Ambani, Chairman of Reliance Industries Limited. The main objective of the Company is “Digital India” to promote and spread the awareness of the importance of living in a Digitalized World. To stay up to date with the Reliance Jio, keep visiting its official website “www.jio.com“.

Facts about Reliance Jio:

Reliance Jio was founded in the year 2010 by Mr. Mukesh Ambani at Mumbai, India. It is based on wireless 4G LTE service network and is India’s first VoLTE (Voice Over LTE). Reliance Jio launched the beta services on 27th December 2015 in the loving memory of Late Dhirubhai Ambani, the founder of Reliance Industries. The Jio Beta services were launched within the service partners, families, relatives and the staff of the Company. Shah Rukh Khan, the brand ambassador of the Jio- Digital Life anchored the event at Reliance Corporate Park, Navi Mumbai alongwith the Bollywood actors Javed Jaffery, Ranbir Kapoor; famous musician AR Rahman and the filmmaker Raj Kumar Hirani. The event was attended by the employees of Reliance Industries including guest from the foreign countries. Jio had an commercial launched of the services on 5th September 2016, and it reported having around 18 million subscriber’s in the first month of the launch. Sources said, these numbers is the fastest growing in the telecom sector in the world. Since, then Jio crossed over 100 million subscriber till 18th June 2017.

Mukesh Ambani at launch of Reliance Jio

Jio -Digital Life Alliance:

On February 2016, Jio announced that it has allianced with the famous Mobile Network Operators globally which are listed below (Source: Wikipedia):

  1. BT Group.
  2. Deutsche Telekom.
  3. Millicom.
  4. Orange S.A
  5. Rogers Communication.
  6. MTS.
  7. Telia Company.
  8. Telecom Italia.

Why you should Choose Reliance Jio?

It’s been a 10 months now since the launch and people’s are still using without much of the complaining. There was a viral news in the Social Media about IMEI number during the launch, none of them was true (hoax) even today it is a hoax. Jio Subscribers have already availed the jio free internet services including me, it will not continue as free internet service but as a cheap paid service. The speed is awesome but sometimes it slows down. The Company fixed the jio lifetime membership of Rs. 99 only called Jio Prime. The Jio Tariff Plans is very cheap and only Jio Prime Customers can avail the benefits of  both for the post paid and pre paid connections. To know more about Jio Tarriff Plans, vist the jio official website.

Reliance jio tariff plans

The best and the cool thing about it are the Jio Apps. These apps are absolutely free for the jio users. The jio apps are regulary updated with new features for the Microsoft Lumia, Android and Iphones (IOS) smartphones. With Jio Apps you can voice call, video call, send messages, watch live movies and musics, stay tuned with the latest news, watch TV and a lot more.

Are you lacking in internet speed or calling issue?

I don’t know that any of my reader’s having the same issue but I faced it a lot of time. One morning, I was trying to call my collegue for some reason, but I could not connect with him from my Samsung 4G Jio phone. I tried several times because it was very urgent. The solution I tried is to switch to flight mode in my phone and switch back in to the General mode but that didn’t work. Next, I switched off my phone and switched on back in that didn’t work for me to. By then, my mother called me and told me to call my brother who was in a distant place, I tried to call him and yeah it did work. I called my collegue imediately and surprisingly it did work. Second issue I am still facing is the lacking in the internet speed. Well, how I fixed it? Its very simple, either switch to flight mode and swtich back to general mode or switch off your smartphone and switch back in. If you are facing the same issue as me try to follow these simple steps.

Does JIO still offers the best?

(updated 24/12/2017): There is no doubt to say that JIO is still offering the best ever Internet deals. On minimum recharge of 399/- rupees only, you get the JIO 4g internet speed for 84 days including free calling and SMS per day. The pack inlcudes 1 GB data per day which is enough but if you own a IT firm that requires more GB’s per day then you should choose the upgraded plan. More you can find about updated plan at JIO official website. I think in coming 2018 also, you’re very clear about Why Choose Reliance Jio? -Facts about JIO.

Another best deal:

There is another best, hmmm I would say world’s best deal is selling the world’s most cheapest phone by JIO themselves. Navigate to Reliance JIO offers phone for free to know more about the phone specification.

Concusion -Why Choose Reliance Jio?

Well, my opinion to Jio Digital Life is that they are providing excellent internet service till date and I hope so it will continue as of today even with best upcoming technologies feature added to the service. I chose Jio not because it is free but it is cheap and resonable with great 4G internet speed. I found a bit slow in the speed during my usage sometimes but that is for a limited time.

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