Dreamed of Android Developer? Know

Dreamed of Android Developer? Know

Howdy viewers, in this article entitled Dreamed of Android Developer? Know, I am going to share about the skills required to master in Android Programming. Well, you might be thinking that becoming an Android Developer, it all takes to get a fully qualified Computer Science or related degree, but trust me its not. Anyone who have interest or eager to learn Android can easily design and build. I’ll discuss about it as we go with this article, so be patient and stay with me.

Gather information about Android Device:

I assume that you are an Android user and opted to learn the skills required for your application development or looking for career as an Android Developer. Even you don’t have an Android Device, you can easily learn and gather information but if have Android Device, that will be added advantage when working on areal time scenario. So, first get the information about the theoretical and architectural concepts about Android Operating System (OS), its version and the features added to the respective versions. Just Google or Yahoo search and you will be able to gather all the relevant information about the subject. But, I highly recommended to stick to the Android xda developers forum.

Get the IDE/SDK/jdk/other related tools:

Android Studio is the best Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for application development. Yes, of course you can choose Eclipse IDE or any other available IDE’s but I strongly recommend to go for Android Studio. Visit the official website to download the IDE and other related tools that are needed to develop the applications, click here. The installation process is simple but it takes a lot more INTERNET data.

Android Studio

Learn Core Java:

Android was designed and build using JAVA programming language which is the most popular high level programming language available. So, it is mandatory to learn the core java before heading to Android. There are lots of online tutorials available on it, you can try any of them.

core java

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Can I make an Android Application without coding skills?

A big YES, but that is not recommended. There are lots of Online Android Application generator that will do the heavy lifting for you. You just drag and drop the components to your working area and hit the build button, that’s it. Within 2-5 minutes your application will be ready. Another best way to build application using drag and drop feature is App Inventor by MIT, USA. It is a powerful online platform that you can use the visual editor (or code blocks) to let your application do the desired work. Visit MIT AppInventor .


#Create an Android application of an existing website in under 2 minutes without having any coding experience or knowledge.

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