Dreamed of Social Networking Developer

Dreamed of Social Networking Developer

Howdy viewers, this article Dreamed of Social Networking Developer, I am going to share my personal experience of job and self projects about web designing and development and also as an Android Developer. In the 2011’s I have dreamt about a Social Networking platform like Facebook, Twitter, Orkut (then), etc. but could not fulfill it. The reason, I was honestly afraid of the pool of codes as I then started to learning. Anyway, that’s all about my sharing, let me tell you how you can easily create a Social Networking sites both with coding and without coding skills. Stay with me to get the idea and if you wish to share, you’re most welcome to comment below.


First understand, how a social network works both technically and non technically. Having said that think from both user and developer end. Browse Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google Plus, etc. for reference. But wait, if you’re not technically sound and afraid of codes then you should first check Content Management System like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, etc. as you will be surprised to know it is best fit for non technical people. If you want to know about wordpress, go ahead and check the article How to install WordPress on a free hosting server?


To go further with any work you set, you must have proper planning. Social Network is not just like can be done in 2-3 days or can rechange in design and code but it will take more days. You have to write so called algorithms to understand the work flow of the application. You must also write use cases, data flow diagrams, flow chart, etc. to have clear understanding of the Social app. It is very highly recommended because without proper planning once you figure out you’re in the wrong track, trust me you will end up in baffling. First thing first, don’t bring baffling (puzzling) during design and development whether you’re using PHP, JSP, Python, etc or any modern Content Management System.

Follow Social Developers:

This is the very useful piece of advice, you should follow the developer’s and understand what they are upto. Having said that, you can follow Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc. for reference. If you have any idea, that is not yet developed by the popular Social Networking Sites, go ahead and develop it immediately. If you stuck during development, which is very common, just go through the internet and acquire the possible best solution for your query. Join popular technology forums like stakeoverflow.com, where you will have all your questions answered.

Start Design first:

I by now assume that you’ve your plan and algorithm ready. The first step you will do is go for the designing part. If you don’t want any fancy designs like animations, just go for simple one. The more simple, the more web page loading speed effect you will achieve, which is very improtant concept. Once all the web pages desing is done, double check for any erros or missed part. And yeah, make sure to make it mobile friendly (responsive).

Start Developing:

Well, the complex part is developing. You have to be calm during development and take time. Because, this is where the  user interaction and talking with database will happen. You also have to pay attention to the security you’re going to provide. There are cracker’s and hacker’s out there to kill you right away, make your security level high avoiding SQL Injection (specially).

Go first with localhost:

You should go the design and development first with the localhost. There are so many localhost sofwares are available with database integration. Just go with that and understand the risk and try to eliminate that during development phase.

Go with Staging Server:

Staging server is the key term where you can test like as in real server. Staging server works the same way as localhost instead, your people might have access to it. This is useful when you go for testing within your people or organization.


Once all the testing is done and approved, its time for real server. Upload your files and database to your sever and finally promote your business online.


Well, that’s it. If you follow these I think you can easily build your career with Social Networking Sites. If you have any queries or doubts, comment below. I will be happy to share.

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