How eCommerce changed my life?

How eCommerce changed my life?

Howdy people, I would like to share my experience through the entitled article “How eCommerce changed my life?” Do you like to shop online? Are you curious to know the benefits of shopping online? Well, the world has changed, my friend and I belief you know the facts about shopping online.

What is eCommerce?

It is a transaction process of buying and selling products or transfering funds online with the mode of paying online or offline depending on the customer’s choice. The eCommerce stands for Electronic Commerce where all the tranaction process transmits over an electronic network primarily called as Internet.

Characteristics of Business transaction:

The business transaction in the field of eCommerce occur either in the form of Business to Business (B2B), Business to Consumer (B2C), Consumer to Consumer (C2C) or Consumer to Business (C2B). Because of the four characteristics, the eCommerce can sometimes called as a eBusiness which stands for Electronic Business. eTail is a term we sometimes use in the world of online shopping which means buying of goods from the retailer.

ecommerce business characteristics

History of eCommerce:

(Source: The Internet) The eCommerce started in the year 1960’s when business professionals started exchanging documents through Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) with each other. In the year 1979, the American National Standard Institute developed ASC X12, a universal standard for business documents sharing amongst themselves over an electronic networks. During the 1990’s, the eBay and the Amazon started their first online shopping business through which consumers can buy the products online without going to the nearest shopping store.

How eCommerce started in India?

(Source: The Internet) In the year 1999, Rediff started its eCommerce business when they added online shopping portal; became very popular and appreciated by the famous magazines of India. In the year 2002, IRCTC (Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation) became successful in the field of eCommerce when they made tickets available online to its customers; they started using it with the belief that the Indian Railway will keep all the information secret. Later the year, Airlines, Tourism, Movie ticket booking, Shopping outlets, etc. dived into the eCommerce business.

eCommerce in India

Service, Security and Privacy:

If you are planning to buy online then I am sure the first thing you want to know about the security feature of a eCommerce website. Well, there are so many websites that claims to provide the best security feature but the question is “Can it be trusted?” because you are paying your hard earned money, right. Before continuing, I strongly suggest you to review the shopping website and if you think ‘it’s OK’, go ahead. The next feature you want to know about the privacy because you don’t want to share your order details to the world, right. Finally, the service feature comes into play because after buying online, you want your product at home. In India, Cash On Delivery became very popular because there is nothing to loose even if the product is not delivered to your home.

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How to shop online?

Before deciding to shop online, you need to understand the steps behind shopping online. First of all, you need to register or signup with your valid phone number, email id and password. My dear friend, it is very easy and you can do it once you learned the basics. You can find the millions of products listing as categories from Electronics to Apparels. If you are planning to buy a shoe, choose the category that fits with it (eg. footwear). You can find all the list of shoes in relation with your searched query, choose your product and proceed to the checkout page. Follow the instruction with the correct delivery address details with pin code, choose the payment option and click place order. You will receive an email and SMS about the order placement and you will be informed with the courier tracking details.

An alternative approach to How eCommerce changed my life?

If you don’t know how to get to the correct website, I suggest you search in the search engine with your query “buy t-shirts online” or any other of your choice. You will find the bunch of websites that gives the result, choose any one and you will be redirected to the page. Choose your t-shirt and follow the same steps as above.

Conclusion -How eCommerce changed my life?

I assume that you now understand how the eCommerce has changed the life of the people with it’s simplicity usage. You choose a product by sitting from your home or at the office and it gets delivered within days to your doorstep. So cool right. But, some of the eCommerce Websites are not trusty, I advice you to review and research a bit in the internet.

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