How To Get High Quality Backlinks In 2018?

How To Get High Quality Backlinks In 2018?


Backlinks are the backbone of any successful SEO campaign. Before launching the campaign in 2018, the tried and tested strategy developed through several SEO campaigns are worth your attention.

What are backlinks?

When an external website is links to your website a backlink is created. Sometimes backlinks are also referred to as external backlinks.

How you should start?

Before starting the Best Link Building Service, it is essential to ensure that your website is ready for creating backlinks. To achieve success out of every backlink created, make certain that your website is technically optimized, has strong site architecture and has valuable content.

So, before getting into the link building exercise, all flaws in your site need to be dealt with. To start with, locate the technical errors and remove them. Technical errors can be the biggest cause of setback to your objectives as these errors hamper user experience which further leads to limiting of organic traffic growth by Google. Without sorting the technical errors, you may be left wondering why your backlinks aren’t working.

Speed of site loading, mobile friendliness, 302 redirects, duplicate content, redirect chains, 404 errors, duplicate META data, canonical errors, wrong use of directives are some of the technical errors that should be resolved.

Strong architecture means less need for backlinks. It is important to link your website to a blog with high quality content instead of boring or irrelevant category page.

Content is king, and this phrase remains true. All searches begin to gain information which only relevant content can provide. Content strategy is critical for the success of your SEO campaign. So, even your site is highly optimised or your site has the best backlinks, without quality content, an SEO campaign won’t work. Avoid giving place to garbage content; instead care about your content. There is no need to be perfect, but make certain that your content is useful, otherwise it will ignored by your target, which will eventually not lead to any results.

Earlier it was possible to rank a website within a month with PBN links. But this is no longer possible with the new approach Google has taken. In 2018, the best way to get top rankings is by focusing on backlinks from real websites. With this approach there will not be any fear of penalty and produce desired results in the long run.

How to create quality backlinks in 2018

If you are really interested in creating backlinks that will serve your purpose, hire a SEO expert or a digital marketing company to hit the bulls eye this 2018.

Google tests relevancy by checking the theme of the general content of the linking domain, the linking page content and the relevancy of the backlinks that hit the domain.

Authority sites should be your friend. A strong site can deliver better results. Since page ranks are no longer updated by Google you would have to rely on third party tools. While these tools are not perfect, they can do the work. So, it is better to test all the available options.

Getting backlinks from websites that have real organic traffic is important, but getting links from these websites is not that easy. But, you wouldn’t be able to do this unless you get into their analytics which s rather impossible. However, this can be made possible with the help of relevant tools.

Distribute your anchor texts carefully. Wrong distribution can prevent your site from ranking. Further, aggressive anchor text can penalize you. The thumb rule is to maintain the exact match text below 1% and most of the anchor text should be naked or branded links for best results.

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