Get your local Venture Capitalist

Get your local Venture Capitalist

Business and finance are very different skills, and paths in life. There are many things you can do in college that will prepare you well for either one or the other — and many other
careers, passions, and pursuits. Investing is an easier, surer, less stressful path for a smart person to make lots of money quickly. But it requires two things you probably don’t
have, and probably can’t pick up on the job: money to invest, and wisdom / opportunities / connections / leverage on placing it. Entrepreneurship, by contrast, is open to all, and
something you can only learn fully on the job, by doing it. It is a lot of work, stress, risk, ups and downs, and an all-consuming way of life. Sink or swim. It takes street smarts,
finding opportunities, being willing to do anything and everything

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