How to design a website in less time?

How to design a website in less time?

Howdy people, today I will share my expeirence on How to design a website in less time? Yet, this one is very important in 2018 and coming years also as people all around the globe loves Internet. Well, loving internet is not the key but browsing contents, products, services for business, etc are the most common key components. The information you will gather through a page called webpage only. Anyway, this article is all about the website designing from scratch in less or even a quicker time.

Things you should know about website design:

Before proceeding further, you must know about the basic concepts of website design and its tool available. Let’s see what you want to know:

  1. HTML: HTML (Hyper Text Markip Language) is the heart of a webpage/website. That being said, if you compare it with the car with no painted color and no looks, that is html to you. HTML enables you to put information and structure of the webpage but not looks. If you wanted to know the basic concepts of HTML, hop over to HTML tutorial.
  2. CSS: CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) as the name suggests it is used to design the HTML. In the HTML we took car as an example, here the complete car that is ready to sell to customers is the CSS with HTML. In fact, the CSS is the heart of the website design. With Advanced CSS concept, you can infact give animation to the complete website to give it a beautifull life and meaning.
  3. Javascript/Jquery: Javascript is a powerfull language for UI (frontend) developers. In addition to CSS and HTML, with javascript you can give extended life to the website. Common, example is with javascript you can create an awesome game. Jquery, infact a easirier version of javascript which with simple and light coding, you can give more life to your website. For gaming web applications, javascript is used commonly.
  4. PhotoShop (optional): Though photoshop is optional in the field of web designing but knowing it will add advantage while designing. If you are planning to create a web design and confused to start, first design using photoshop. Later, you can code the photoshop design to web design. Very useful when planning.

Tools to design a website:

  1. Web browser: Ofcourse, you’ll need a web browser as we all know websites can be viewed in web browsers only. But, before going further check the version of the web browsers as modern HTML (HTML5) some of the introduced concepts will not work. It is recommended to have an updated browser. Very useful and handy web browsers are Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.
  2. Firebug: If you’re using Firefox as browser, Firebug is yet another tool for web designers. It will allow you to find other website HTML and CSS codes with just clicking and draging of the cursor. Web Designers call it Inspect element, so that you can get the reference from other similar websites or find any issues during designing, you can fix it. Google Chrome has inbuilt inspect element, you can use it too.
  3. Measureit: Measureit is a tool for the web designer who wanted to find the height and width of the image or by setting it. Pretty usefull, when you have to pass the height and width value in CSS having various images in a single image file. Example, a image may conatian multiple social icons, you can call it sprite images.

All set:

Well, now I assume you have the basic skills on HTML, CSS, JQuery and Javascript, let’s jump to the tips and tricks on How to design a website in less time?

Guidelines How to design a website in less time?

  1. Start with basic HTML structure. If you are new to it and keep forgetting, don’t worry just Google search about the code you’re going to use in the website design. Don’t forget to add .html extension.
  2. Add class and id’s to the tags so that you can use and call that in your CSS or Javascript/Jquery code.
  3. Don’t forget to keep checking your work in browser.
  4. When the skeleton car is made (HTML), its time for you to add beauty to the skeleton car (CSS). Link your CSS to the HTML head section. It is recommended to write CSS code in separate file with .css extensition.
  5. If you’re again confused about CSS, Google search it or there are so many online CSS generators that will write the code for you, copy paste the code to your CSS file. But, remember to add defined class or id’s otherwise, it will not work.
  6. After, your CSS, you might like to add animation, image effects, slideshows, etc to give it a great look. Prepare your id’s and class you have added to the HTML tags or attributes. Now, it is hard and challenging for beginner’s to code but not to worry, Jquery has so many plugins in their directory. Browse your favourite plugin (slideshows, animation, etc), download it, unzip and move to your HTML working directory. Next, include the jquery in HTML code in the head section mostly, follow the gudelines and copy paste the jquery code from the plugin provider to your website. Find the Jquery plugin here.

Finally, once done, don’t forget to test and if possible tell your friends who are not familliar with coding to use it and ask for the review. Because most people like them is going to experience.


I hope you like How to design a website in less time? and I request to join the comment thread to let me know if anything that I miss or share your ideas on this topic. Thank you.

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