How to install WordPress on a free hosting server?

How to install WordPress on a free hosting server?

Howdy people, Do you want to setup a WordPress CMS on a free hosting server? Do you want to set up a site that does not include coding? Yes, my dear friend, with the entitled topic “How to install WordPress on a free hosting server?” you can get a free hosting server to set up a professional looking Website for your business or individual without any coding skills.

Check this out:

I strongly recommend and suggest you to check this video out because you will find the wordpress installation on a free hosting server (ByetHost) process visually which I think is quick to understand.

Get a Free Hosting- How to install WordPress on a free hosting server?

If you don’t want to invest on Hosting servers or use it for learning purposes then free hosting are the best solution.  There are so many free hosting providers, Google or Yahoo search it and select any of the services. In this tutorial, I am using Byethost hosting which I found far way better than another hosting available. But, I strongly recommend, if you are getting it for business and other blogging reason, then upgrade it or go for the best paid hosting solutions like Godaddy, Hostgator, Bluehost, etc. It is so because you will be facing a lot of technical issues.

Get your domain ready to go live with WordPress:

Domain is the brain and heart of a website, to get you and your business a perfect identity or recognized globally. You can choose any domain name but it is wise to choose the domain name by your business or brand name (suggested for global identity) and promoting it on social media is another important factor. Getting a domain is very simple and easy but to get the .com extension (eg: is like getting a Lamborgini car for free. You can choose any extention of your choice but I recommend choosing .com extension. If you get it, you are lucky. After you choose your domain name of any extention, I highly recommended to start working with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and improving it should be your prime target.

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Let’s start -How to setup WordPress on a byethost free hosting server?

I guess you are now ready to “How to install WordPress on a free hosting server?” and I assume that your hosting Control Panel and Domain Name (activated) are ready to use. In this tutorial, I will use as my domain name and as my hosting control panel.

  • Login to your hosting Cpanel account. Eg. You will get the Control Panel information via your email id. If you missed to get it, kindly contact the hosting provider.

How to install WordPress on a free hosting server?

  • Go to Addon Domain > Enter in the field > Click Create Add Domain.

How to install WordPress on a free hosting server?

  • Remember before installing, copy and paste the hosting nameserver to the domain name server. To do that, go to your domain control panel > Click on your domain > Manage > Nameservers > Add it here. It might take around 24 hours to get activated with the hosting nameserver depending upon the hosting services.
  • Find Softaculous Apps Installer, is a script installer program that provides hundreds of free Content Management System. Click on it and you will find the installer page. You can find it in most of the free hosting service.

How to install WordPress on a free hosting server?

  • Find WordPress > Click install.
  • Choose a protocol (http://, https://), Enter your domain name and leave empty in the directory field, if you want to display your web page in

How to install WordPress on a free hosting server?

  • Enter your site name, description and uncheck the multisite option.
  • Enter the admin username, password and a valid email id for future password recovery if forgotten as per your choice.
  • Select your preferred language, English in my case.
  • Click on Advance Option >  Enter your database name > Leave the other fields as defaults.

How to install WordPress on a free hosting server?

  • Select a theme and click install.

How to install WordPress on a free hosting server?

Finally, you are successful in installing or setting up your first WordPress website by following these easy and simple steps. The surprising part is that you don’t have to be a coding genius to use WordPress website. You can easily customize it with drag and drop feature without having any coding skills.

How to install WordPress on a free hosting server?

Note: Before directly installing and using the WordPress CMS, I recommend to first try it onto your Computer.

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What if Softaculous Apps Installer is not available?

Well, there is a chance that 90% of the free or paid hosting services don’t have the Softaculous Apps Installer. In that case, an alternative way to install or setup WordPress CMS is as follows:

  • Login to your hosting Cpanel.
  • Find Database option > My Databases > Give your database a name of your choice > Create Database.

How to install WordPress on a free hosting server?

  • Download file from the official website, unzip it to the File Manager > public_html > (when you add a domain, the directory is automatically created) > put all the WordPress files from wp-admin to index here (don’t make any folder or if extracted in WordPress folder then move to public_html/
  • Open in your browser > choose your language > click install.
  • Provide the Database name, MySql username and password > Click let’s go.
  • Give your site a name, description, your admin credentials and a valid email id > Click install.
  • Congratulation, your website is ready to use and you can access it by

Conclusion -How to install wordpress on a free hosting server?

In the conclusion, you can use the hosting for free if you are using it for learning purpose. I highly recommend to upgrade it or choose other best hosting solutions available to a paid version. And for learning purpose, free hostings are the best solutions.

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