How to improve SEO score? – The Best 10 ways

How to improve SEO score? – The Best 10 ways

Howdy viewers, do you want to explore the secrets behind the SEO optimization technology on “How to improve SEO score?”, hence this is the right place to get started with. You might have a question after you post your content “How can I improve my content SEO score?” which results to be very frustrating. This blog is all about solving those confusions and letting you know how you can actually start with Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Another important area you must focus on apart of improving the score of SEO, concentrate to improve SEO that results in a good website ranking in the search engine search results

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), is a way of optimizing web pages or whole website by the popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. to get a higher position or ranking in the search results. This technology will make your website more popular and will grow your business in the internet world.


After you complete working on your website, the next thing you want to rank your website on the top of the search engines. So, website ranking should be your highest priority hence to gain increase in your business in the internet world.

How Search Engine Optimization works?

We as a human often search in Google or Yahoo or Bing with our queries, eg. how SEO works to get our search results, rather going directly to the websites, that bold sentence is called keywords. Meta Keywords play a very important role in the SEO ranking, performance and improvement because the search algorithm analyzes it and results back based on it. Some experts though don’t accept the keyword concept but I highly recommend going through it. Another term called meta description puts your website search appearance to the public as a summary of the web page which in turn attract visitors to view your site thus, gives you the best possible SEO score and ranking.

Check this Video out -How to improve SEO score?

Before going further into the topic, I strongly recommend you to check this video out. Because, I think it is quicker and easy to understand about any topic visually.


You don’t have to be a coding genius of Web Designing, Server Side, Client Side programming but if you have the very basic understanding of these technologies,  you are good to go. Now, the developer (s) has come up with an easy solution to non-programmers with the introduction of the technology called CMS. How to improve SEO score?

Two Ways of optimization to improve SEO Score:

  1. On Page SEO: To deal with On Page SEO, it is up to you, how you attract visitors by choosing your content title, meta description and try to write putting keywords on correct places avoiding repetitive same keywords which are termed as Keyword Stuffing. Remember Contents are the heart of the SEO if you fail to give the best content your website dies. If you are good at writing contents and fluent in placing the keywords at correct places then you don’t have to worry about On Page SEO.
  2. Off Page SEO: Off Page SEO defines as an easy process that includes link building, increasing link popularity by submitting to the Social Media Channels, open directories, pinging URL, search engines, link exchange, etc. You have to worry about Off Page SEO because you are going to spend time working on it or maybe you need to hire or consult the SEO experts/ consultant. Beware, since Off Page SEO is based on link building and popularity, there is a 90% possibility that you might be getting bad links as a backlink to your site thus making your site spam and as a result Search Engine will penelize your site.

How to improve SEO score?

How to improve SEO score? -The Best 10 ways to improve SEO

  1. Your content must have a header and sub header tags. Eg. <h1> , <h2>, <h3>, etc. <h1> is a header tag and <h2>, <h3>, etc are sub header tags.
  2. You must declare <meta name=”keywords” content=” ”>, <meta name=”description” content=”     ”> and <title> tags in your coding area.
  3. Include keyword in the <title> and <meta name=”description”>.
  4. You must upload sitemap.xml and robots.txt to the root directory of the hosting server.
  5. Avoid broken links within your website.
  6. You must upload images relative to the content having the keyword on the alt image attribute. Eg. <img src=”someimage.jpg” alt=”your keyword”>.
  7. Avoid using inline CSS, you must not declare within the tags. Eg. <a style=”text-color: blue;”>Don’t use</p>.
  8. You must set an icon image to your website, also known as favicon.
  9. Your website must be responsive, meaning it can be viewed on the mobile devices.
  10. You must choose a good hosting server thus giving you the best response time possible.

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Can I check IMPROVE SEO score online?

Yes, you can because there are hundreds of online tools available in the Internet World, so just search and check. There are so many seo sites that will do the checking for you but the very cool thing about these tools is actually you can improve your score based on the reports it produces and hence you can find software for Windows and Mac in the app store but I recommend to go for online tools because it updates regularly and therefore saves your time and computer space. The top 3 online SEO sites (+ 2 added updated 21/12/2017) that provide the best SEO tools which I prefer are:

Search for more online tools:

Conclusion -How to improve SEO score?

In conculsion, the Search Engine Optimization (SEO Optimization) is a key most important concept you need to know about to grow your business in the Internet World and website ranking. If you don’t know then I strongly suggest you to consult with an SEO consultant or find a SEO expert.

Are you clear? If you’re not clear about SEO score improvements, do join the comment thread with your question. I will clear your doubts in the thread.

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