Job opportunity in IT

Job opportunity in IT

Howdy people, today I am going to share my views on Job opportunity in IT which I hope will give you the required knowledge. At some stage, we are confused about choosing the right path to achieve our career. Some of us might end up with frustration and made the wrong descision with respect to our career. Don’t be confused I am going to share experiences in the field of Information and Technology as I belong to it.


Well, why planning? If you don’t plan about future you may end up with losing you key interest. Always remember, if you take your interest as a profession, you will enjoy and play with it thus you will gain sucess. However, there is some areas which does not fit for Information and Technology like photography, writing, cooking, etc. Yeah, it is but what if your profession turns out to be loved by people globally. Thus the job opportunity in IT comes is the blogging. Though it does not sound like job actually, it can be done independently, you might not have any IT skills thus you will end up creating job opportunities for job seekers or outsourse to a Software Company. For writers, there is a huge scope of Content Writing and many Software Companies are hiring with very handsome salary package.

Update IT skills:

Information and Technology is all about updation meaning if you learn one technology today, tomorrow you’re bound to learn new one. Software Companies are hirirng candidates with both old and latest programming skills. Having said that you can check this out Worried about JOBS. The backbone Job opportunity in IT is fluent in programming languages. Apart from programming skills, database administration, data analytics, data science, server administration, etc. are creating job opportunity in IT to a great extent in 2018 and it is predicted that it will keep on rising for next 30 years.

Programming Language skills:

When I first enrolled in Computer Science & Engineering, I asked myself is it tough to learn all the programming languages. At first glance of C programming, yeah it looks like but after I land in a Job and worked there as Computer Programmer (Web Designing and Development), I later realised it is not. I will tell you the idea. There are hundreds of programming languages in the market, the very first I leanrt was C. All programming languages differs in syntax and structure but has the same logic all over. For example, if you’re using if…else in C, you can also use the same logic in C++, Java, PHP, Ruby, Python, etc. My suggestion is have comfortable with logic and data structure first then use respective programming languages to give it a shape.

Job opportunity in IT -Mobile Devices:

The rise of mobile devices has changed the face of IT. People, rather prefer to execute task like online payment, gamming, social networking, etc. through their Mobile Devices. So, Android and IOS are taking the majority of the global areas, learn those technology also.

Job opportunity in IT -data:

Well, you might be thinking, what is it DATA. Honestly, current technology is all about DATA’s. Everyday, Internet generates huge amount of data that you’ve ever imagined of. You might want to explore this article Why I chose Big Data? We called the generated data as Big Data and MNC Companies are very much interested in Analytics of these data. To further extension, data scientist jobs are taking the market in full swing as Companies are investing towards machine learning. The programmig languages you need to hands on is Python and R. Above all, it is very important to note that you need to have extend knowledge on machine learning algorithm and statistics.

Top programming languages in 2018:

  1. Java + Framework is a plus.
  2. Python.
  3. PHP + Framework like Laravel, Codeignitor is a added advantage.
  4. ASP and C#.
  5. Spark & Scala (for Big Data Analytics).
  6. Pig and Hive (for Big Data Analytics).
  7. Javascript, Jquery (AJAX).
  8. Responsive Web Design (Bootstrap and HTML5) in addition with styling CSS.
  9. Android (Java + Kotlin (new)).
  10. Swift (IOS).
  11. Oracle DBA (Database Administration), MySql and Postgre.
  12. Hadoop Administration (Big Data).
  13. Linux Sever Administration.
  14. Windows Server Administration.

Well, I hope the above article is useful when choosing job opportunity in IT. In addition, if I left anything, I would be happy to know in the comment below.

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