Learn C Programming in 7 days

Howdy viewers, in this page “Learn C Programming in 7 days”, you will learn the basic foundation and how to program in C language. You might be thinking that Can you learn C in 7 days? actually not. C is so vast that master in it even 1 year is not enough. In this 7 day tutorial you will learn the very important basics programming structure from the start which will help you solving in the coming advanced C complex programs.

History of C language or origin of C:

Dennis Ritche and Ken Thompson, a great personalities was behind the developement of C language in the year 1969 at Bell Labs. In 1973 C language was re-implemented in the UNIX system. The language was originally impelemted on an Assembly language. Since then, it is widely used programming language and many vendors made C complilers available for the Computer Architectures and Operating Systems. In the year 1989, it has been standardized by the American National Standard Institute (ANSI) and later by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). Now, C has become such popular that it is used to write complex programming languages thus helps in connectivity between Computer Hardware and Software.

Why learn C programming in 7 days?

Since, C language has gain its popularity from solving simple to complex problems, it is very easy to catch the basic skills behind any software development. This C language tutorial which I am going to share with you is about all the basic C language that helps you in building strong communication with advanced C in the coming tutorial.

What is a C Language syntax?

Well, we all are communicating with each other via a communication media and that is called a language, right. We speak Assamese, English, Russian, etc. only to communicate with the people who understands our language. For example, if I communicate with a non Assamese speaker then all my efforts to make him understand what I am saying are worthless. But, while speaking I need to ensure that I am speaking the right sentence or following the standard grammer. Likewise, all programming language follows the same principle to communicate with the Computer machine and the principle is called syntax (grammer in English). A Computer Machine only understands 0’s and 1’s but we (humans) don’t understand 0’s and 1’s. To build the communication between human and computer machine, programming languages are introduced thus following the standard programming procedure or syntax.

Day 1 -Learn how to print your name.