Learn HTML in 7 days

Howdy viewers, in this page “Learn HTML in 7 days” you are going to learn almost everything to design and develop a webpage/website. HTML is so easy and interesting subject that you are going to enjoy learning. Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) as the name implies is a markup language contating the tags to create a beautiful looking web pages.

Why learn HTML?

Well, we are living in a digital world and hence website is a channel to digital world. Website contain useful information thus giving the population the right to gain knowledge. The information may contain from text to media depending upon the code used to build the page. The code is a HTML, but HTML does only designing and make a static informative website. HTML has some limitation but with server side and client side scripting languages, you can build a powerful webistes like Facebook, Amazon, Flipkart, etc. If you want to build career in a web development industry, you are bound to specialized in HTML.

General basic building blocks of HTML:

HTML follows the set of basic bulding blocks to ouptut a fully functional website. The basic building blocks of a HTML is tag. Every HTML designing and development consists of a opening tag and a closing tag. But, in some situations, the closing tag is not mandatory. The steps below will help you to understand the placing of tags in the correct places.

You must declare a opening and a closing tag when you are outputing-

  1. Informations or letter or paragraph or header lines.
  2. Alphabets or letters or words or sentences that has bold, italics, underline, etc.
  3. Form, frame, embeding videos from other sources.
  4. Declaring scripts and styles.
  5. Tables, table defination, table row, table header, etc.
  6. Fonts, font family, font color, font size, etc.
  7. A hyperlink.
  8. Button, dropdown, etc.

You must declare only a opening when you are outputing:

  1. Writing meta information like meta description, meta keyword, meta responsive, etc.
  2. Input tags of any type. (But, instead you must declare a / before the ending of the input field. eg: <input type=”text” value=”Your Name”/>)
  3. Importing or using image source file.

Where to write HTML code?

Setting up HTML coding editor is very simple and easy. You can write HTML codes in the Notepad for Windows, Textedit for Mac or Text Editor for Ubuntu. You open up your favorite editor and save it as .htm or .html. Though both the extensions are correct but you are advised to use the .html extension. But, the only limitation in using these editor is that you have to write codes without any suggestion which takes longer time to complete. Since, you are a beginner, you have to get started with these editor. Once you understand about the subject, you can choose the IDE’s (Integrated Development Environment) which will do the same work in a 60% quicker time. The best suitable IDE in my opinion for HTML is Dreamweaver by Macromedia.

Day 1 of HTML tutorial