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Howdy viewers, welcome to the page of Learn SEO in 3 hours where you are about to explore the concept on Search Engine Optimization (SEO). In this 3 hours SEO tutorial 2017, you will find and understand the basic principles that will help you to rank your website in the popular search engine. You will also explore the techniques behind to score the highest possible rank in the Google, Yahoo and Bing search engines that are the most popular. This online SEO training is mostly provided for the beginner’s who does not have any knowledge on the subject. But, since Google is the global’s best choice search engine, you are adviced to focus on improving Google SEO. Please note that you are not advised to ignore the Bing SEO or Yahoo SEO or any other search engine SEO.

Is SEO hard? -How to learn seo?

How to Learn SEO? is the first thought you’re facing, right. The second thought Is SEO hard? is killing you right. Let me tell you, the solution according to me, it is very easy to master in SEO because you don’t have to be a tech genius as it does not include coding. However, to learn SEO you need to have a good writing skill (preferably in English) because SEO believes “Content is the King”. I’ll walk you through about it as we go with the topic.

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO optimization) is a way of optimizing a website or a particular web page to achieve the highest possible rank in the search results of the popular search engine. In other words, SEO helps a website or a web page to appear on the top of the search results. The prime purpose of SEO is website ranking. I now assume that you’ve understood the definition but I forget to mention one most important word i.e Digital Marketing. Search Engine Optimization is generally a part of Digital Marketing. Well, as the name defines, it is a marketing procedure to promote business or product online. You are going to learn more about digital marketing later in this blog.

What you should know?

Though SEO does not include any coding skills but if you have a basic understanding of HTML then you are good to go. If you does not have any HTML skills, I highly recommend to check my HTML tutorial entitled Learn HTML in 7 days.

Keywords -Do I need to know it?

Keywords play a very important role when it comes to website ranking. Before going further, let’s see what is a keyword? A keyword is a query from a particluar phrase or sentence searched by the user that helps delivering to the user resulting in a complete sentence from the massive search engine database. Because there are around millions of websites running having the same keyword, the search engines cannot give full control to all the millions websites. So, experts/programmers/engineers of the search engines wrote an algorithm that will allow the websites to have the full control whoever follows the alogorithm policy. You will further learn more about keywords in the comning session or in the next article.

Stay focused on Google SEO training, Bing SEO training & Yahoo SEO training:

In this online SEO training, I think you should put much effort on Google SEO, Bing SEO and Yahoo SEO hence it is very mandatory to attend this SEO online training. But, because Google is the world’s best choice search engine, I recommend to put more time on improving Google SEO. You are advised not to ignore the Bing SEO and Yahoo SEO.

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If you are aware of the concept backlinks then you might be thinking that How can I get genuine backlinks? If you don’t know about the concept, let me first tell you that backlinks are those links or your post url that are embeded on other’s website. If you manage to get backlinks for a particular keyword on top websites then definately you’re the king in the internet world. I’ve already published a list of High PR commenting website 2017, so make sure check that out.

List of Do Follow Commenting Websites 2017

Top rules to learn SEO -Learn SEO in 3 hours:

If you want to master in Search Engine Optimization (SEO optimization), you are bound to follow some rules. The rules I meant here is the coding structure that are used in the website development. I’ve already published an article on How to improve SEO score? just check this out. But, keep in mind, website ranking is not easy so you are advised to spend time on working with it and promoting it.