How to make an awesome paper game?

How to make an awesome paper game?

Howdy people, Are you confused with “How to make an awesome paper game?” Have you forgotten your childhood? Are you born in the 1990’s? Did you miss your Childhood? Do you remember this game? All these questions results to one answer and after knowing, you would definitely going to have a refreshing moment. If you are born during the video games, computer games, games that have a digital nature period then you should definitely check this out. This article is all about the making of paper game for kids.

What is the paper game?

Well, kids during the 1990’s didn’t have any electronics gadgets to play with like the kids of 2017’s. I am glad because I was among those kids of 1990’s. I played lots of paper games but among them, the most beautiful and my favorite was Finger Paper Game or Fortune Teller Paper Game. Honestly, I don’t know what the exact name of the game but being kids who care, right. In my colony, the game became so popular among other kids such that I forget to do my home works thus making my parents very angry.

Why is it my favorite?

Have you ever played any game built by you? We always played games like Cards, Ludo, Chess, Business, etc. bought from the stores manufactured by the Companies. But, what if, you can build your own game to play with, isn’t it exciting.  Another reason my appreciation to this game is you don’t need to spend any money or it will not cost you any money to build it.

Supplies for How to make an awesome paper game?

  1. One blank piece of paper preferably white and A4 sized.
  2. A pen with any color.
  3. Colors (optional).
  4. Scissors (optional).

Let’s do it:

    • Take a piece of A4 (for best results) paper and fold it in a triangle shaped from any corner. Cut the bottom piece with a scissor. Make it triangular shaped.

Finger Paper Game

  • Fold the paper from all the corners towards the center facing towards you.

Finger Paper Game

  • Flip the paper and again repeat as in Step 2.

Finger Paper Game

  • Fold the paper in half.

Finger Paper Game

  • Place your four fingers in the individual panels and move your fingers to and fro.

Finger Paper Game


You can have a minimum of 2 or maximum of 6 players. But, we had a standard of 4 players of no age limit.

How to play?

Kids play this game having rules might be different than that of the other regions of the world but I am going to tell you How I played with my friends?

  • Write color names in the four panels. Eg. Red, Green, Blue and Black.

Finger Paper Game

  • Write down the numbers in clockwise from 1 to 8 as in the picture.

Finger Paper Game

  • You ask your friend to choose a color while putting four fingers in each panel.

Finger Paper Game

  • If your friend chose red, count to three.
  • Next, ask your friend to choose a number. Eg if he chooses 6, then count to six.
  • Continue the process until the game gets the same number i.e. 6 and he will be the winner.

Conclusion -How to make an awesome paper game?

Though I am living in the 2017’s, I do always remember my childhood and no one can take that from me till my end of life. I am so much luckiest man in the world and glad to have that opportunity. I am so glad that I was born during the 1990’s and got chance to play with the paper games and among them my favourite was Finger Paper Game or Fortune Teller Game.

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