How to make money with Google?

How to make money with Google?

Howdy viewers, the article How to make money with Google? is the viral topic in Youtube. It is true you can make money with Google and guess what if you do good, you’re going to be a millionare. In this article, I am going to share about the tips and tricks to earn money online or earn money with Google in a very simple and easy way. But, remember to give your best and stick to the subject with full dedication and respect.

You should know!

Before diving directly into the How to make money with Google? topic, let me first clear you some facts. That’s for sure, you’re going to put much more time and effort to make your identity online with Google; the second fact you should have unique or creative ideas or in much more simpler way is make your subject viral. There are two ways to earn money online with Google;

  1. Sharing videos via Youtube Channel (owned by Google).
  2. Sharing your articles or content via website and other forums.

Earning principle:

You can earn money with Google via only Advertisement. Don’t worry, you don’t have to do any advertisement with Google perhaps the Ads that is diplayed in the website or youtube videos from other sources. If someone clicks an Ad displayed in your website then you get the money credited in the Google Adsense account. But, remember don’t welcome false clicks or else your account will end up in deactivation. I’ll explain as you go with the topic.

  • Youtube Channel: Youtube is the most popular video channel where users view videos uploaded by the Google registered users, leaves comment, likes and share with other’s. But, surprisingly you can earn from the videos you post on youtube. Google owns the YouTube and the giant company used the channel source as a medium of earning money to both users and the company. Once you manage to get your video viral, then you will be more surprised to know that you can earn millions of dollars monthly. YES, it is indeed true but remember to follow the principles led by the IT giant.


  • Blogger: It is a medium where people share about their experiences and give solution they overcame with. We know BLOG as a profession and the blogger is a medium of BLOGS. Google owns the Blogger platform and it offers very easy process of registration for free. The only thing you’re going to put is your valuable time and share about the solutions that the other internet user’s are looking for. Google offers easy ad placements onto your blogger website without having any coding skills. If you manage to get people’s then no one can stop you to become rich and famous.

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