How to Monitor Android Phone Call Logs Remotely

How to Monitor Android Phone Call Logs Remotely?

Are you suspicious about your spouse who seeks privacy whenever the phone rings? Or you are concerned about your teen girl who spends hours sticking to her mobile phone? Whether it is to catch a cheater or to secure children from the cruel adult world, you have honest reasons to monitor the mobile phone use and spy on the phone calls of your significant ones. Meanwhile, there come businesses with calling customer services that are in high need to monitor all the inbound and outbound calls of their employees to watch out their productivity and ensure customers satisfaction.

How to Monitor Call Logs on Android

All you need to monitor the call logs of your children, spouse or employees is an Android phone monitoring application. There are scores of Android spy applications readily available in the market that let you monitor the activities performed on any Android device. After you install the spy app on the mobile phone you want to monitor, all the information stored on that phone is uploaded to an online account from where you can monitor it.
With the monitoring app, you can listen to all the phone calls made or received on the phone of your loved ones and workforce. Some of the top notch monitoring apps allow you to record these calls and even intercept the live calls. It means you cannot just listen to record the calls of your customer service representatives but can record them for evaluation, and even interrupt if something unacceptable goes on. The name and number of the person who has made the call or to whom the call is made can also be tracked. Also, the complete call history including the date, time and duration of each incoming and outgoing call of the Android phone can be seen and downloaded as well.
Given is the step-by-step guide to track the call logs on an Android phone without having access to it. Check it out!

Step 1

The first and foremost step is to choose a reliable and secure Android spyware app that can help you accomplish your objective without leaving any clue for the person you are monitoring. We recommend TheOneSpy that is one of the most advanced and feature rich monitoring application empowering the user to remotely monitor call logs and almost all activities performed on the Android phone and tablet.

Step 2

Get the app installed on the Android phone you want to monitor. You can hide the icon of the spy app from the target mobile phone during the installation to erase the clues of spying. Once the app is successfully installed on the target Android phone, you will never need to access that phone again to sneak into it.

Step 3

Open the internet browser on your own mobile or computer, and access

Step 4

Tap on the Login button on the top right of the webpage, and log into the TOS dashboard providing the confidential username and password.

Step 5

Tap on Logs and then Call Logs to view the entire call history with the name and number of the caller. The time and duration of each incoming and outgoing call will also be visible in front of each call detail. Go to VOIP Logs to get the detail of calls made or received via WhatsApp, Line, and Viber.

Step 6

To listen to the live incoming and outgoing calls, find the Recorded Call option from the main menu. You can get the recorded calls downloaded, or delete the unwanted calls.

Control call logs remotely with onespy

Hope this post would be supportive to learn how you can monitor call logs on an Android phone with physical access.

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