Monitor Website rank and traffic

Monitor Website rank and traffic

Howdy viewers, Monitor Website rank and traffic is one of the most important part to every blogger’s and webmasters. Sometimes, you might be baffled of how some web owners get such a huge traffic. Well, the reason behind is the latest technologies available in the Internet. HOW, WHY and WHAT technologies are available, will be shared here. Stay with me to reveal the secrets.

WHY? I need to monitor my website:

You and me are living in a world that has ocean of information available. Think about, how we get information? Of course, the prime source is website, people like you and me share our knowledge and skill so that our reader’s gets valuable results. But, there are millions of websites running online with unique solutions and to get chose by reader’s amongst these, it is mandatory to monitor.

How to rank website?

The most important and trending keyword for the digital marketers is how to rank website. Though it sounds complicated, it is quite easy but you must be dedicated and honest what you’re doing. You also have to make sure to give unique and valuable content or article to reader’s around the globe. Remember the basic mantra is Reader’s likes your content, search engine and social media vote your website as KING. Before going further into tips and tricks to rank website, you must be aware of Search Engine Optimization and Improve SEO score. Apart of that you must also spend some time on commenting on other websites to increase your organic traffic, follow the link to get started with

Top 5 online website monitoring tools:

  • Alexa: Alexa Rank (offered by Amazon), the world’s most famous online ranking monitoring where it gives both Global and Country wise website ranking. It also gives detail backlinks or site links connected to your website. You can also get in detail keyword analysis from Search Engines that sends traffic to your site. The cool thing about it is you can get the links connected to your competitor website resulting in increase ranking in Search Engines and as a result gives you more organic traffic. You can get the analysis for free but is limited, you can sign up and get the trial for 7 days.


  • SimilarWeb: SimilarWeb Rank, the most used online ranking monitoring tool that also acts same as Alexa. It also gives in depth analysis of your website like website traffic sources, website search/organic traffic, referrals, socials, etc. You can also spy on your competitor’s backlinks, once found take advantage by linking your URL. You can use the online tool for free but is limited, sign up to premimum and explore the benefits as per your plan.


  • SEMrush: SEMrush, is one of the world’s best online rank monitoting tool. Used by experts and professional, it is said that SEMrush is an ideal online ranking monitoring tool. Once you enter your website name, you’ll explore organic traffic, total backlinks, top organic keywords, paid search, etc. Most professional accept SEMrush is the best SEO tool for Digital Marketing. You can also spy on your Competitor’s website and improve your website ranking in the Search Engine.


  • AHrefs: AHrefs, yet another powerful online rank monitoring tool specialized in Competitor’s activity and SEO backlink checker. Experts and professionals (proven) use this online tool to spy on Competitor’s activity and backlinks to increase their organic traffic and rank in the search engines for the choosen keyword. The tool is free to use for 7 days, beyond that pay to the Company and take the benefits of the online service.


  • BuzzSumo: BuzzSumo, the online tool that will give you the backlinks activity and social shares. The online service is available for free trial, upgrade it to pro to get the benefits.



These five online website monitoring tools will give the in depth analysis to improve your website SEO and ranking. If you’re serious to rank website in Search Engine’s then invest in any of the five online tools, but if not most of the time the trial will be enough for you.


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