MySafety Android Application Official

Howdy viewers, I am very much happy to announce that MySafety Android Application Official has been launched in Google Play Store that is free to download. This simple looking android application will stay you out of any danger you’re going to face. It is a help asking kind of application where you can get help from the person you set the mobile number in the application. Be careful, set the number whom you trust.

Important note before using this application:

  1. Since, at the moment of seeking help, save the mobile number of the responsible person whom you trust. Because, he/she should act immediately.
  2. Must note that it will use standard SMS charges when calling out for help. If you have free SMS or package registered it should work. But, remember, don’t play with it. Use whenever you think you’re in danger.
  3. You must have  a good internet connection (recommended) because it is location based service.
  4. You must turn on your GPS connection before going out because at the moment of seeking help it will ask you to turn your GPS on which is a time wasting in that scenario.
  5. You must put your display screen timeout to 5 minutes or so (recommended) and keep the application open.
  6. Don’t forget to check the battery status. Charge to 100 % (recommended).
  7. Make sure someone is following you or about to harm you (if possible) so that you can seek help in advance. That will save time because every second counts.

How to use MySafety?

The user interface of this application is very simple and anyone can understand the flow of usage. All the steps you must follow at home or at safe place. You must follow the steps to use:

  1. Open the application.
  2. You will be asked to enter the mobile number of the guardian. Enter the mobile number and make sure to double check it.
  3. Tap on Save button to save the number and you’re done with the configuration.
  4. Do a test with GPS and Internet connection turned on. All set, you can close the application.
  5. Before going out: Open the application-
  6. Always tap on the Get The Number to check the number you saved as in step 3 . Double check the saved number (highly recommended).
  7. Let’s assume someone is following you or about to harm you (not sure). You can use the Ask For Help button to show them that you have just asked for help.
  8. Let’s assume you are in serious danger seriously needed help. You tap on the One Click Help (highly recommended) that will send a message containing help me with the current location of you. This is a silent feature which will left the attackers no idea what you just did.

Required Hardwares:

There is no requirement of any hardware to use this application. You just need a Android Smart Phone with GPS support and a good Internet Connectivity. Your mobile network coverage connectivity also plays vital role because it deals with sending SMS.

Receiver’s end tips:

The receiver end here I am referring to the person you’re looking for help. Of course, the person must have a smart phone (Android, IPhone, Lumia, etc) does not matter but must have GPS and good Internet connectivity. Let’s say, the person you’re requesting help from finds your help SMS with the map location link. Now, before tapping on the link, he or she must turn off his or her GPS location because that will in turn give his or her current location which might lead to confusion.

Please NOTE before using (updated 07-12-2017):
  1. For latest Android OS version user’s, from Marshmallow onwards, you have to accept the permission during the first runtime of the application. If you missed to do that, you can later allow via Settings on your respective device. (The feature may differ from devices).
  2. If you are trying to use the application without allowing Location & SMS permission, the application will not work and might lead to crash.
  3. For dual SIM, if the SMS could not be sent from SIM1 (for some provider it might not work) it will send from SIM2. (for Nougat user’s it might be the case).
  4. Always, remember to input your GUARDIAN number in the text field provided. If not and you’re trying to use the application, it might crash.

** Crash meaning: The application stops working and closing unexpectedly.

For any related queries,

  1. Comment or fill the query form at
  2. Contact the developer directly (email) at or





Well, I think that’s it about the MySafety application for Android. If you have any queries and suggestions, do comment in the play store. Both positive and negative feedbacks are welcome but time wasters, stay away. If you like it, give rating in the Google Play Store.