Protect yourself from any danger

Protect yourself from any danger

Howdy viewers, in this article Protect yourself from any danger, you’re going to explore an excellent way to management to save yourself. This article is basically about self defence specially for women’s safety. But, wait what exactly I am trying to tell you about, well stay with me to learn more.


Danger, yeah right. We as a human are so much committed to crime, that we forget only one thing, save the world, save the people. We love money much as love ourselves, isn’t it. But, that does not indicating to all the people’s living in the planet. Some well wisher do the right thing and support to save the human race from danger.

How to survive from danger?

Well, still some trying to save the human race, it is impossible to save all of them and that is the proof why crime still existed. No one can tell, danger can be called at anytime. By the way, here danger I mean CRIME. We are living in a advanced technology, with computer in pocket. What if we make use of that computer, what if we instruct that computer to call out for help instead depending on other. It is possible, without touching the smart phone no matter it is in bag or pocket, actually you shout for PLEASE HELP ME, and yeah it will send help to your dear one’s (GUARDIAN) or police (if facility is available at your local police station). How it works? Stay with me.

What is it?

Now, we are coming to the point. An android application called Auto Help does that for you. The working principle is same as Siri, Cortana and Google Now to make you understand much better. Like in Siri, you say Hey Siri, it wakes up and start talking to you, as you don’t have to touch the phone, the same way Auto Help does. Inspired from Siri, the developer of Auto Help idea was that if we manage to say PLEASE HELP ME, the same way as HEY SIRI, it will send an SMS to parents and police parallely with current location. The police and the parent can easily track and save the victim.

Whom for the application?

The developer introduced Auto Help designed for Women’s Safety. It aimed to reduce rape and human trafficking. In addition to that, kidnapping can also be a special case for reduction. Overall, it will protect yourself from any danger, crime in simple term.

How to use and get Auto Help?

Well, I recommend to check the official release first, you can dowload the application from Google Play Store for free. Before starting the application, make sure to turn the GPS on. The usage is very simple, the first thing you’re going to save your GUARDIAN (father, mother, brother, sister, uncle, aunt, etc.) phone number. But, remember to save the phone number from whom you’re sure to get help when needed. Anyway, next time make sure  to use the GET THE NUMBER button to check for correct phone number. If you open the application many times, make sure to GET THE NUMBER everytime. Finally, tap on start button to start the background voice recognition. Once you say, PLEASE HELP ME, it should send an SMS with your current location.

Advice to GUARDIAN:

An important advice to GUARDIAN. When you receive any help SMS from your love ones, make sure to turn your GPS off. It is so because, when you track for location, your smartphone will instead show your current location, to avoid that make sure to turn GPS off. You will get the help SMS containing a link to Google, tap to open it. (no marker added, instead check the location radius in the screen). This works the same way as the POLICE, perhaps they have their own principles.

Auto Help Video Demonstration:


  1. For Countries like United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia, it will work smootly. If you find, it does not work in first attempt, try to speak in different accent and finally comment here or at Google Play Store.
  2. For other countrues, you must practice the keyword PLEASE HELP ME to find the exact accent.
  3. For some smart phones, it might crash at first attempt but restart the app, it should work fine. If it does’nt comment here or in play store.
  4. It is recommended to check the application as if the background voice recognition is ruuning.

Not yet implemented:

The developer of Auto Help has certain more ideas to be implemented, which he predicted to reduce the crimes specially rape, human traficking and kidnapping to 80%. It will soon be launched, anyone (Companies) interested email us at or


Well, that much of it, if you find it useful, share and rate the application to reach more people. If you have doubts, do join the comment thread with your question.

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