Secret Diary official documentation

Welcome, viewers to Secret Diary official documentation, in which you will find and understand the working principle of this Android application. It is developed by Mr. Raktim Nath, the founder of this blog to the people who wish to share or store personal information safe. You might want to look at his android application at Anyway, Secret Diary is completely free to download at Google Play Store.

Why Secret Diary?

The prime intention of Secret Diary development is to overcome the features not to get stolen about private information. School, College, University, etc. students used to share with dear one’s but afraid of get viral. The information that are not meant to be shared with parents. So, Secret Diary does that for you very easily without any leakage about your information.

How secret diary works?

This application is not only for serious information issue but also for having fun. We write diaries and later we look at it and live with memories. We also like to share the diary with beloved one’s. The application works the same way but it has its own limitation’s like you cannot hold the memories. You write today, it will overwrite when you write new notes. Anyway, it is a fun application that acts like messaging. To understand let’s have a look.

  1. Today you write about your first crush in school and would like to share with only one of your best friend. You write in you smartphone, hand over your phone to your friend at School.
  2. You need to share your secret code with your friend.
  3. Your friend gets access to your Secret Diary, reads it writes back thus overwriting your writing.
  4. You check his message and the process continues.

Fun isn’t it. Likewise you and your friend can exchange secret information by sharing each other’s password. But, remember one thing, password once set can’t be modified.

Does Secret Diary safe?

Now, you have the right question, does Secret Diary looks safe. Yes ofcourse, because the information you write stores in your phone directly. The best part is, this application does not require any Internet or Network connection thus keeps you safe from outside world. Let’s say even if you lost your phone, if someone wish to gain access to your Secret Diary, could not make it. If he wants to get access, he has to clear the cache/ data from the application settings which is not a good idea, all your information will be lost.