Top 5 WordPress Plugins you must have

Top 5 WordPress Plugins you must have

Howdy viewers, today I am going to share about the Top 5 WordPress Plugins you must have, which is the must to compete in the internet. These plugins will not only give you highest number of traffic but also solves your problem of web page loading. Well, is using these top 5 plugins and is experiencing a great deal of performance.

Let’s get started:

    1. Yoast SEO: This is the very popular plugin that will help you in building a great SEO optimized website or blog. Dont know about SEO, check this out “How to improve SEO score?” It will not only help you in improving your website SEO but also guides you to write a SEO optimized or friendly articles or blogs thus will gain your website more number of unique visitors or traffic. GET HERE.
    2. Autoptimize: This plugin will do all the heavy lifting task for you in a single installation. Autoptimize plugin is a automatic minification of CSS and JavaScript that will give you the best performance in page speed loading. Also, you can flush cache data generated in a single click. So user friendly and you don’t need to be stick around with the internal issues. GET HERE.
    3. WP Smush: This plugin is the most exciting and takes up only few space and does not affect the website performance. WP Smush plugin is a free to download and install, it takes the images uploaded in an article or blog internally compress those thus to gain high performance in page speed loading. Well, my friends images are the main source that gives low page loading but it is strongly advisable to upload as small image size without affecting the resolution. The rest of the compression will be taken care by this awesome plugin. It does not affect the resolution of the image uploaded, so don’t worry. GET HERE.
    4. Check and Enable GZIP compression: This plugin is the best to use for the performance of the website. Check and Enable GZIP compression plugin is free to install and use, it does to compress or reduce the bandwidth so that your visitors won’t feel the page loading issue. GET HERE.

  1. Google Analytics Dashboard for WP (GADWP): Well, my friends this plugin does not give you any performance or SEO result but it will give you the insights or analytics of the visitors and their activities. Google Analytics Dashboard for WP (GADWP) is free to install and is must to track business growth, sales, blogger’s, etc. Your website will show a slight slow in performance as it mostly uses JavaScripts but anyway that’s ignorable. To use this plugin, you must first have a Google account and must be registered to Google Analytics Programe, it’s free. GET HERE.

Conclusion to Top 5 WordPress Plugins you must have:

My friends, I am using all the 5 plugins for this ( website and I’ll use in my upcoming websites. These plugins solves my problem and issues real quick. All the plugins listed are available free, but some does provide the premium version just in case you made up mind to access all the premium features. But, anyway with the free versions I managed to work and it will work for you.

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