Top Blogging Tips -A new era of becoming a blogger

Top Blogging Tips -A new era of becoming a blogger

Howdy viewers, welcome to the article on Top Blogging Tips -A new era of becoming a blogger. In this article, I am going to share with you about the most effective ways to become a successful blogger. Well, my dear reader’s if you’re reading this then you should promise yourself to give your best to become successful in this field. If you have great ideas on any subject matter or for instance you are good at writing, you’re definitely going to be a successful blogger. But, wait is that enough! A big No. Apart from your great ideas, best writing skills, you need to make sure that you’re getting the genuine audience to your blog. Stay with me, I’ll make you understand how you can actually get started with blogging.

Understand before BLOGGING:

What Blogging is? Well, the technology, arts, commerce, discoveries existed in our planet is not limited. Experts from around the world keep on inventing and discovering new ways to have a better way of living in this planet Earth. But, is the invention and discoveries limited to within the experts. I think it’s a NO, because we as a human have the right to know everything that is currently happening around us. The main objective of a BLOGGER is to share with other’s the knowledge and skill he/she acquires. Me, as a BLOGGER, I share my experiences in the field of Information and Technologies. There are other blogger’s who share experiences on any subject. But, wait is there any advantage of sharing to the world, YES because as a blogger if you can able to give the best and valid content, you’re going to become rich. To know more about, head over to How to make money blogging?

Let’s get started with Top Blogging Tips -A new era of becoming a blogger

  • Blogger: First get started blogging with blogger. Blogger is a HIGH PR from Google that will give you the genuine do follow backlinks. If you don’t know about backlinks then head over to my article List of Do Follow Commenting Websites 2017. But, let me tell you a brief about the backlinks is that it is a heart of the ranking of your website in the search engine. So, it is very important to check the link out. If you’re planning to start a career as a blogger, I would suggest you to start blogging with blogger because it is free and if you get enough traffic to your blog, you can earn from it.

google blogger

  • WordPress: If you’re not technically sound, then why hire professionals to create your website. Yes, you can get your own website for free and surprisingly that does not include any coding skills. However, the only limitation is that you can’t control your website as per your wish. What I am trying to say is that you choose WordPress theme depending on your principle. You might be interested in checking this out How to install WordPress on a free hosting server?

How to install wordpress on a free hosting server?

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): After you have your blogging website ready, you’re going to rank it on the top of the search engine. The concept of SEO is very important and mandatory to learn because the world is very competitive and there are around millions of website running online of same category. So, your prime target is to attract more visitors to your website thus to become successful in the blogging carrer. If you’re not aware of SEO, head over to Learn SEO in 3 hours. The next important part you’re going to check out the improvement of SEO score for all web pages. I’ve already posted an article on How to improve SEO score? make sure to check this out.

How to improve your SEO score?

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  1. Great post, super helpful. I started with Blogger 3 months ago and loving it! I’m going to look into the SEO in the links you provided. Thank you!
    -Em xo

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