Top tips to improve SEO 2018

Top tips to improve SEO 2018

Howdy viewers, welcome to the article on Top tips to improve SEO 2018, wherein you’re going to learn and understand the best way to improve your site’s ranking in the search engines thus growing business and sales. If you are aware of SEO then you will find this very easy to understand or if not, visit Learn to improve SEO score and SEO tutorial.

You already know:

As of now, I assume you’re familiar with On Page SEO and Off Page SEO, if not, I recommend to go through the above links mentioned. To get started with the tips and tricks to increase traffic to your site, you must be dedicated towards what you will do. Honestly, speaking SEO is very easy but it is very time consuming. Hence, the career in SEO is at high peak with good pay scale. You can check this article shared by Surajit Dahal about the career in SEO at

Let’s start with Top tips to improve SEO 2018:

There are two ways to increase site traffic with SEO, On Page SEO and Off Page SEO. You will learn the both way tips and tricks, stay with me.

  1. On Page SEO: To master in On Page SEO, you must be a skilled writer and must know about the basics of HTML code. The most important areas are meta description and meta keywords. You must know to put the keywords during the development of the website and most important avoid keyword stuffying. If you are not aware of any HTML programming, visit the Learn HTML in 7 days tutorial page.
    1. Write useful and unique (avoid plagiarism) article for your niche. You can check plagiarism about your article online at If you are confused about identification of your niche, check this out shared by Nana Aning at Blogging tips -How to identify your niche?
    2. If you are running WordPress site, use Yoast SEO to assist you for writing SEO optimized article. Download Yoast SEO. If not, you have to be on your own to write SEO optimized articles.
    3.  Include your keyword in HTML meta description tag and the title tag during webpage development.
  2. Off Page SEO: Well, Off page SEO is the most interesting and very easy to learn. In this method, you have to stay connected with other people or in other words its all about promoting your site to get maximum traffic. But, you have to careful, because if you go wrong, you link will turn SPAM.
    1. Comment or join conversation on other blogger’s website with your website post URL (if the other blogger approve your comment). You can find the list of High (Page Rank) PR and (Domain Authority) DA commenting website at
    2. Contribute Guest Post to high PR and DA websites (should be approved by the site’s owner). This technique is the most popluar and feasible way of generating high traffic to your site. You can submit Guest Post at
    3. Promote your website online via the medium of Social Media like facebook, twitter, google plus, etc. to attract more visitors in or out of your friend list. You are also advised to run Google campaign, Facebook adverbs, twitter adverbs and any other advertising media if you have enough budget. For more information about promoting your website or business online at
    4. Submit your site URL to the Social Bookmarking and directory submission. You can find the top 10 social bookmarking sites at .

Must follow:

If you want serious traffic, you have to be unique or in other words try every possible way to make your article/ content viral. Research before start blogging, you find the trending topic at Google Trending.


Well, I suppose these tips and tricks are enough to get started with improve SEO. There are lot more to tell, in comming aticles I will do all the possible SEO tutorials.

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