Why I chose Big Data

Why I chose Big Data?

Howdy viewers, today I am going to share my thoughts on Why I chose Big Data? is now a current trend in the field of Information and Technology. Big Data is a big term when it comes to data and it’s processing. There is a huge demand in this domain as this is very new to the IT industry. You are free to check about the Career in Big Data.

Data about Data:

Big Data is all about Data about Data meaning it is alive when there is data. If you love to play with data then this is the best domain to play with. If you think of data here, it is really huge which is impossible to handle by traditional database like Oracle, MySql, PostgreSql, etc.

Jobs in Big Data:

Another reason about my choice to Big Data is JOB. As I mentioned already, Big Data is very new and once you managed to understand and learn the skillset, you will find yourself very demanding. But, wait just learning Big Data is not enough, you must have in depth knowledge about it and its associated eco system’s. So, if you wish to build Career in Big Data, the prime mantra is gather about it as much as you can and do some practical works. Big Data Certification will get you an advantage while interviewing.

It is Java based:

JAVA is one of the most popular programming language on Earth, and being in the software development industry, you must learn JAVA as it is most preferred one among developer’s or software engineer’s. Let me assume, you are well known with Core Java, thus it will make easy to you to solve the task. But, there are some eco system (don’t call it software) like Pig (useful) that will infact frees you on writing 200 lines of JAVA code. Instead you write 3 lines of Pig code and guess what, you get the output. Don’t worry, you come across all the eco system’s in Big Data online tutorial.


To my personal experience, I love Analytics. WHY? Because, it will give me an analytical overview about data generated by my website log. With the analytical data, I can improve user experience on my website. Well, this is the reason, all the Companies both product and service based are focussing on Analytics to increase user experience and sales.



Well, my dear viewers, this is it about Why I chose Big Data? I shared my personal views and if you feel like sharing, drop comments.

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