Worried about JOBS!!!

Worried about JOBS!!!

Howdy viewers, greetings from FaceOfTech.com, today I am going to share my thoughts about the topic Worried about Jobs!!! Well, honestly, as we grow up, we stay focus to build our career, right. The career can be anything from business to jobs but majority of us, we choose job as a career. Being a child at school, I guarantee that you don’t have the headache to think about building your career as a businessman or a job but most of you might have an aim. But, I think for most of us, it keeps changing as I do. As you grow up, stepping into the graduation, all the headache’s will be going around you. In this article, I am going to discuss about how you can follow some of the guidelines to atleast  reduce the headache and tension about the job. If you wanted to be a businessman, then I’ll publish another article about it but anyway these can be also useful in some cases from business point of view.


There is a lot more competition in the whole world, the only thing that can help you is you need to be focused and stick to the platform. Think creative and try to bring or add new ideas on the existing platform.


  • Choose the desired technology/platform/discipline: You need to be very careful about choosing the right platform because that will decide your career on getting a good and healthy job. Don’t listen to anyone, choose the discipline as per your interest because if you are interested in something, you can turn that something into a GOLD which will gain you fame.
  • Go for short term courses (online/offline): There are lots of courses available online or offline, just go for it during your Graduation vacation because in coming years that will be added advantage in your Resume.
  • Try to kill your nervousness: Nervousness is the key to failure in every field. So, try to kill it. HOW? Well, attend seminars, participate in debates, attend presentation, participate in cultural programs, sports, etc, talk to peoples and make friends and be honest with them.
  • Go for summer/winter internship program: Joining the summer or winter internship program can help you to understand the internal working mechanism in a Corporate World and thus help you in learning the top facts about getting a good job.
  • Submit Resume/CV online: There are lots of online job portal that will call you for interview based on your Resume/CV submitted. So, it is highly advisable to visit these job portals for latest job openings. You can find the list of online job consultancies via Google or Yahoo search. Anyway, there are lots of offline job consultancies also, do visit and check them also. BUT, there are lots of fake job consultancies that will charge you for jobs, STAY AWAY from them and don’t share your original documents. Top tip: 1. Go for trusted job consultancies by checking reviews, records, etc. 2. Make yourself a informative and well written Resume or CV that can catch any Employer eyes.



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